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Would a FREE Informational Online Seminar on Internet Addictions be Attended?

Hello to Lincoln/Otero counties, New Mexico,

I have information that I feel compelled to offer to the area I serve: Lincoln and Otero counties in New Mexico.  This information is about the latest findings of the effects that some adults and children are experiencing with internet use.

I have thought about this for several weeks and here are some of the problems I have found in trying to bring this information to your attention:

  1. Email:  I do not have all the households in these two counties email addresses.
  2. Text:  I do not have all the cell phone numbers either.
  3. Facebook posting:  Even if I was to post on Facebook, their algorithm limits who views it to a few even if you are set for public viewing.

I am sure there are other restrictions in getting the word out but the three above were enough to cause me to think of a better way—an Online Seminar.  The next thought was the time involved for me to set this up, pay for a decent online seminar company to deliver the information with, and to develop the best way to present it to you, the people in Lincoln and Otero counties.

Do I charge a nominal fee to cover my time and expenses?  Or do I do it as a public service so people can have this information free?

I choose to do it for free.  I will also be happy to speak for FREE  about this subject for any organization, church, business, educational institution, or others where at least 25 or more people are present to interested to hear this information and it’s solution.

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