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Am I Addicted to the Internet?

—a public service post. Comments welcome.

As a psychotherapist, I want to ask everyone reading this to ask yourself, “Am I allowing myself to spend too much time online?” Please be honest and answer your self-addressed question without justifying any aimless internet usage.

Many people, when asked, give a much lower number of hours that they actually spend online. This is not on purpose but a genuine lack of knowledge of the true amount of hours spent playing internet games, social media, surfing the web, internet porn, research for research’s sake, netflix, texting, sexting, online romances, etc. Research has shown that overuse of online resources is a leading cause for family and couples’ discord.

Young people, take a hard look at how you are using technology. Mom and dad, please do the same; in fact, why not have a family meeting and discuss internet usage and consider how many hours are being spent online. There is no doubt that technology has created a wonderous pathway into learning and aquiring knowledge but there is the ugly side that should be considered.

“Internet addiction is being strongly considered as a societally damaging disorder…”

Many of the young (and not so young) would be so supprised to discover just how much of their lifespan is being spent in front of a screen without justifiable reasons. Much of that time may be found to be more wasted time than beneficial use of the technology available to us today.

Internet addiction is being strongly considered as a societally damaging disorder in Asian countries. Many of them have established Internet addiction and misuse treatment centers all over their countries. Japan, South Korea, and China are very active in taking remedial and preventative measures and attempting to head it off but it is already reaching epidemic proportions.

Obviously, the internet and all that that implies is here to stay. Responsible use is mandatory to prevent our children and ourselves from bringing about the detrimental effects that unhealthy use of the internet can being.

Do you consider this post an alarmist reaction or does the message it brings ring true?  Click comments under the title of this blog post.

The people who live in my geographical practice area are encouraged to present your thoughts, pro or con, to address this grave concern in mental health today.

—This has been a public service post by Malott Counseling Services.


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    Good article. I am dealing with a few of these issues as well.. Eleanor Archie Hoye

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    Very good article. I absolutely appreciate this site. Cecilia Fernando Pryor

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