Would You Attend A FREE Online Seminar About The Dangers Of Internet Addictions?

I Would Attend A FREE Online Seminar On Internet Addictions Effects On My Family If It Was Available!

Malott Counseling Services of Lincoln/Otero Counties of New Mexico lwould love to offer residents information presented through a FREE Online Seminar. We are collecting the email addresses of those residents who would love to attend a FREE Seminar on the subject of the effects of Internet Addictions on your family members.

There is no cost or obligation. Your privacy is important to us. We will keep your email private and only use it to inform you if enough response for the seminar indicates enough interest!


  • How internet addictions can cause changes in the brain affecting memory.
  • How families are affected negatively and grow apart.
  • How procrastination and low grades affect many affected by internet addictions.


  • How to overcome internet addictions and still use the internet as a tool.
  • Why families split up and how to prevent it.
  • How to prevent damage shown in research to children’s brains.

Provide your first name and email in order to be notified if there is enough interest in the area for this seminar. When you provide contact information, you assure your place in this valuable and life-changing seminar. Thank you for participating!


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